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The Weiss Lutebook
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Ten Pieces by S. L. Weiss and Anonymous from the Warsaw MS

Pieces by S.L. Weiss and Anonymous for 13 course lute from the Warsaw lute MS

1. [Prelude] by [Weiss?]
2. Allegro in D [S. L. Weiss]
3. Allemande by [Weiss]
4. Courente by [Weiss]
5. Menuet by [Weiss]
6. Presto by [Weiss]
7. [Fuga]_Allegro du M. Weis
8. Courante de Weis [in A]
9. [Andante] by Anonymous
10. [Fuga] by Anonymous

Preface to the Weiss Lutebook by Clive Titmuss

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